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Reversing a few incorrectly adjudicated claims can affect your bottom line

We help employers in Ontario with costly, complicated, or incorrectly adjudicated WSIB decisions.

It’s your system. Let one of Ontario’s 11 Certified Specialists in Workplace Safety and Insurance law make it work for you.

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Workplace Safety and Insurance Law
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Helping Employers with Workers’ Compensation Claims

Tenacious, Effective, Cost-Saving

Your Ontario business must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to comply while reducing both your risks and your costs?

  • We want teach you to manage your WSIB claims effectively and correctly from the beginning to save money in the long term
  • We specialize in management side WSIB law
  • WSIB costs can affect your bottom line – we are here to help.
  • There are 11 Certified Specialists in Workplace Safety and Insurance Law in Ontario – you need one in your corner

So many employers either try to navigate a potentially costly and risky claim on their own, or let others who are not experts in the field help unsuccessfully. We want to empower you to do the regular claims management in a way which will minimize your long term risks and costs. But we should be there for you on any complex, unusual or potentially difficult claim from the very beginning.

Who Do We Represent?

We have clients in the following sectors throughout Ontario who turn to us for help with WSIB matters:

  • Trucking companies
  • Mining Companies
  • Construction companies
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities

We are also sub-contracted by Accounting firms, Insurance companies and Law firms who do not have the expertise in-house to handle the complexities of the WSIB system to help them deliver better service to their own clients who have WSIB surcharges and/or costly, complex claims.

Why Charlebois Associates?

Because the complexities of WSIB matters requires a legal expert in this challenging and highly specialized area of law.  You need a designated Certified Specialists working on WSIB claims and appeals that can affect your bottom line. Our passion for fair, objective, evidence-based decisions shines through in our work and our results.

There is a better way for your business to handle WSIB compensation claims:

  • We’ll teach you how to do your own claims management to keep your disability management costs in-house and cheaper
  • We’ll do what’s best for your business by training you on ways to prevent workplace accidents
  • A Certified Specialist in management side WSIB law will be in your corner
  • We have an outstanding record of winning for employers, overturning millions of dollars from successful appeals
  • Our guarantee to respond to you within 24 hours or sooner if it’s an urgent matter

Employers should be appealing all incorrect WSIB decisions that could reduce your annual premiums by hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Contact us now and we’ll transform the way you deal with workers’ compensation claims forever.

Cézanne has a fantastic understanding of the WSIB system. Her tenacity and professionalism make her the ideal advocate for the interests of employers, particularly in the face of unrelenting bureaucratic resistance. Cézanne’s record with us is perfect, she successfully reversed three incorrect occupational disease fatality claims. Not only is her tenacity unmatched, but her insight in WSIB law is outstanding. With these, she delivered advocacy which far exceeded our expectations and results which were long overdue and impossible for us to achieve without her assistance.

Eugene GeorgeGA Masonry

Our Company has seen tremendous results since utilizing Cézanne’s experience and expertise in assisting us with our WSIB claims.

Her services have proved effective and very beneficial to our company, we are very pleased with the results and recommend any company who is struggling with WSIB claims to call upon her.

Jackie Mazze, Human Resources ManagerThe Wesbell Group of Companies, Brampton, ON

The WSIB system is impossible for ordinary companies to navigate. We were so frustrated with the WSIB’s refusal to recognize that several claims were not due to workplace injuries or illnesses that in 2005 we engaged the services of Cézanne Charlebois.

Through her expertise with the WSIB appeals process, advanced communication skills, knowledge of physiology and her relentless perseverance, we have had the decisions in all of our most difficult cases overturned, resulting in 90% SIEF cost relief, improved NEER ratings and a refund of our WSIB 2007 surcharge of over $106,000. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Cézanne and I highly recommend her services.

Allan Klinck, Vice President, FinanceMallory Industries Inc.

Cézanne Charlebois and her staff have exceptional problem solving skills and have always exceeded our expectations. They take the time required to thoroughly understand the mandate before beginning research. They then work closely with our staff to create the strategy, tactics and details of the solution and implementation. Best of all - they listen.

Gary Lindsay, PresidentNAL Insurance Inc.

Construction employers really do need assistance to navigate the WSIB system. Especially because the CAD-7 Experience Rating system is so punishing and costly to employers. Charlebois Associates was able to obtain cost relief on one of our most expensive claims.

Currently, they are working on a transfer of costs for one of our employees who was seriously injured on the job because of another employer's error. If successful, that will result in a cost removal from our CAD-7 statement. They are available when you need them (even on Super Bowl Sunday) to help you correctly fill out the Form 7 or a Critical Injury Report to the MOL. I highly recommend that you contact Charlebois Associates for assistance with your WSIB claims.

Steve Filipovic, PresidentCipa Drywall Ltd.

Cézanne Charlebois has provided training for our London Plant management and Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members on effective Health and Safety programs, which included supervisory safety due diligence, the role of an effective JHSC and the IRS.

Cézanne’s energetic and engaging training style coupled with her strong working legal knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act provided for a highly interactive and successful training session. We received strong positive feedback from our employees that they enjoyed the interactive and useful training session.

Al Todd, Manager, Human ResourcesLondon Plant, Kellogg Canada Inc.

Cézanne has been our greatest resource for workers' compensation. From quick inquiries and implementing a safe back-to-work program to managing problem cases and interfacing with WSIB on claims, every issue is treated with urgency. She understands the system, is familiar with its strengths and flaws, and anticipates what delays we will face at each step. Cézanne believes in the accountability of all parties in the process. From the Employer aspect, she is extremely diligent when assisting us to do our part and she demands the same commitment from the worker and the WSIB. Cézanne has been extremely helpful when dealing with those who are not well-versed in workers' compensation. She explains things clearly; what to do and why it's necessary. Her unmatched energy and candor allow her to easily command the room.

Jennifer Landers, Human Resources ManagerWesbell Communications

We have had the pleasure to work with Cézanne Charlebois in handling difficult WSIB cases and helping bring employees back to work while minimizing our company's exposure to penalties and fines. She considers both immediate and long-term impacts on risk, liability, staff relations and the image of the company in the community. Cézanne is well-connected to experts and uses a wide variety of resources, including private MRIS, IMES, surveillance, and special support for RTW such as specialized Occupational Therapists and paid treatment for substance abuse. She is collaborative, honest and compassionate with every member of our team which are huge assets to our team.

George Randall, Corp Ops ManagerVerspeeten Cartage Ltd.

Cézanne and her team are forward-thinking and help companies to understand what the important things are in each situation. They empower you to think on your own and assert the necessary things in your day-to-day business to protect it. She helped us to look at the cost of things and the possible long-term outcomes to realize that we can become more proactive in many situations that can potentially impact the finances of our business. Her services for WSIB issues have changed how our relationships are with our employees. Respect and uncertainty are dealt with immediately with the confidence I have received from working with her. Workers injured on the job receive immediate attention and direction with the coaching of the Charlebois Team! The savings have been insurmountable, and I cannot say I have learned more anywhere else than in the care of this amazing team!

Susan Moore, General ManagerMoore Brothers Transport Ltd.

Ms. Charlebois is instrumental in significant WSIB cost savings in all areas of claims management. As a result, we have been able to benchmark and improve our internal WSIB - OHS policies and procedures with evidence of positive WSIB claims management performance in our corporate OHS / WSIB metrics and rebates. This has been accomplished through the education and training of our Marwood executive, management and HR-HSE group in best practices including complex claims up to and including critical injury and fatality under the myriad of WSIB case law practice and precedence. Ms. Charlebois's proven WSIB case law knowledge in applying analytical and critical thinking to break down complex information into fundamental problem-solving principals is a core competency and exceptionable attribute in formulating innovative change including the use of; private MRIs, IMES, Medical Specialists, surveillance, and special supports for RTW such as specialized OTs and paid treatment for substance abuse. Her client response time and tenacity in reporting to important legal matters and assistance are excellent with due consideration of the immediate and long-term impact on risk, liability, staff relations and the image of the company in the community.

John J. Palach, Executive Advisor Human Resources & Compliance Marwood International

Cézanne provided me with guidance, coaching and support when dealing with difficult employment issues. She has always been dependable, straightforward, and honest and I appreciate her tenacity and professionalism. Cézanne has helped our organization with termination letters, full and final release agreements, difficult disciplinary letters, investigations as well as all matters related to WSIB. She was successful at reversing WSIB cases as well as getting us cost savings through the second injury enhancement fund, and large amounts of refunds.

Susan Krogman, Human Resources ManagerHopkins Canada, Inc.