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Helping Employers with Workers’ Compensation Claims


Tenacious, Effective, Cost-Saving

Your Ontario business must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS) and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act.  
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to comply while reducing both your risks and your costs?

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  We want teach you to manage your WSIB claims effectively and correctly from the beginning to save money in the long term
arrow large   We specialize in management side WSIB law
arrow large   WSIB costs can affect your bottom line – we are here to help.
arrow large   There are 11 Certified Specialists in Workplace Safety and Insurance Law in Ontario – you need one in your corner

So many employers either try to navigate a potentially costly and risky claim on their own, or let others who are not experts in the field help unsuccessfully. We want to empower you to do the regular claims management in a way which will minimize your long term risks and costs. But we should be there for you on any complex, unusual or potentially difficult claim from the very beginning.


Who do we represent?

We have clients in the following sectors throughout Ontario who turn to us for help with WSIB matters:

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  Trucking companies
arrow large   Mining Companies
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  Construction companies
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arrow large   Municipalities
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  We are also sub-contracted by Accounting firms, Insurance companies and Law firms who do not have the expertise in-house to handle the complexities of the WSIB system to help them deliver better service to their own clients who have WSIB surcharges and/or costly, complex claims.

Why Charlebois Associates?

Because the complexities of WSIB matters requires a legal expert in this challenging and highly specialized area of law.  You need a designated Certified Specialists working on WSIB claims and appeals that can affect your bottom line. Our passion for fair, objective, evidence-based decisions shines through in our work and our results.

There is a better way for your business to handle WSIB compensation claims:

arrow large   We’ll teach you how to do your own claims management to keep your disability management costs in-house and cheaper
arrow large   We’ll do what’s best for your business by training you on ways to prevent workplace accidents
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  A Certified Specialist in management side WSIB law will be in your corner
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  An astounding record of winning for employers (almost $5 million returned to employers last year alone from successful appeals)
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  Our guarantee to respond to you within 24 hours or sooner if it’s an emergency. Learn More here: Emergency Services


You should definitely be appealing all incorrect WSIB decisions that could result in you getting hundreds of thousands of your hard earned dollars back.

Contact Us now and we’ll transform the way you deal with workers’ compensation claims forever.