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 Courses and Training

 coursesCharlebois Associates wants to do more than help solve your OHS and workers' compensation problems – we want to help you prevent those problems from ever occurring in the first place. Our “Prevention Series” of seminars equips you and your employees with the ability to minimize your employment law costs and exposures before things go wrong. Here is a brief description of our course offerings.

These courses can be offered onsite or at our office and we are more than willing to conduct courses at times that are convenient for your team (evenings, weekends, shut-down periods).


1) Due Diligence

This course provides an intensive review of the legal defence of due diligence, helping employers and supervisors determine whether they really have “taken every precaution reasonable” as required by law. It focuses on helping you assess whether your due diligence shield will actually protect you in the event of charges from the Ministry of Labour, a critical injury, or a fatality. (7.5 hours)


2) WSIB Claims Management

This invaluable course shows employers all the many ways you can slash your WSIB costs. It is highly recommended for chief financial officers, health and safety managers, WSIB administrators and HR managers. If your company deals with WSIB in any way, this course will show you how to reduce your risks. (4.0 hours)


3) Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace

This course helps employers balance the confusing and conflicting risks and legal obligations regarding drug and alcohol use in the workplace. How can an employer navigate safely among human rights, privacy rights and OHS safety obligations? This course shows you how, through a comprehensive five-step approach of policy, training, education, treatment and discipline. (4.0 hours)


4) Violence and Harassment Prevention

This course provides a framework for implementing or revising your harassment and violence prevention policy and program. This course can be offered to your whole team as part of your training requirements under Provincial or Federal legislation. Employers in Canada and most provinces are required by law to protect employees from violence and harassment in the workplace. As of June 15, 2010 employers in Ontario joined other jurisdictions mandated to have programs, policies and training in place. (4.0 hours)


5) Internal Responsibility System (IRS)

This course helps employers move past basic OHS compliance to help them create a culture of wellness, not only to reduce their H&S exposure but also to create a real business advantage! The pivotal concept of IRS is often misunderstood or given cursory treatment in OHS management systems, but this course demonstrates how the foundational concept of the IRS can actually become a “system” which can be fully developed and continually improved over time. (7.5 hours)