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WSIB and OHS for Employers in Ontario – February 2010

WSIB Updates

1. SIEF Team Hamilton: Employers are not, and should not ever, be responsible for the entire health history and lifestyles of their employees.  They are only responsible for those injuries which arise out of and in the course of employment. In Board Policy Document 14-05-03, if a prior disability or condition caused, contributed to or prolonged a compensable injury, then all or part of the costs for that injury should be transferred from the accident employer in Schedule 1 to the SIEF. This includes both physical and psychological conditions. Employers requesting a review for SIEF are now receiving letters which could almost come across as threatening. The letters warn employers that not only can WSIB reduce the SIEF that you may have already been granted, but they can take it away all together. So are you really sure you want us to look at your file? This is quite a disappointing way to communicate with the people who fund the entire system and even pay the wages of the people who are writing these letters. We think that they must have forgotten that an allowance for the anticipated use of SIEF cost relief is already built into the calculations of premium rates. Employers are not asking for “freebies” but they have in fact already put their money into the SIEF fund through their premiums. Furthermore, to make such threats to employers who are simply making requests to have their files reviewed for possible access to their own funds, seriously undermines a fair administrative justice system. It would be like saying to Case Managers “if you make the wrong decision and it is overturned at appeals, we could take back a portion of your wages, or all of your wages for that matter, so are you really sure you want to make this decision?” We have faith that the authorization of these letters was just a little thoughtless oversight. Contact us if you would like help with getting the SIEF that you deserve:

2 . CAD-7: The WSIB is inviting input on the Mandatory Coverage for the Construction Industry which will be implemented in 2012. This is a tremendous opportunity for input by the construction sector to get involved and have their say on these crucial new policies.

Link: Consultation Begins – Submissions until March 31, 2010

February 2010