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Driving for Profit - Wednesday June 1, 2016

Cézanne will be speaking in Mississauga, Ontario on Wednesday June 1, 2016  to the Trucking Industry about numerous issues that will help fleets improve their bottom lines and reduce their costs and risks associated with WSIB claims. Among the topics discussed will be: Owner Operator Compliance, Risk Management in WSIB matters, Return to Work and PTSD claims. Properly managing WSIB claims can save your company or business hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

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Veritas and another Day of Kayaking! Sometimes PTSD is not PTSD: Entitlement Overturned

CezanneCharlebois_20141020_3110-vert_WEB_Large_435x653Veritas is a statue outside of the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario. She is the goddess of truth and justice. Read this stunning decision from the WSIB in which the Board reversed entitlement to Traumatic Mental Stress (the worker was claiming PTSD) and you will feel the immensley satisfying victory of justice that she represents. Upon reviewing the in-store surveillance months after the alleged incicdent the employer was shocked to see what appeared to be an entirely different version of the facts. We analyzed the video second-by-second and obtained measurements of all floor space seen on the video. After that, it became apparent that what was alleged to have occurred could not possibly have happened. The worker had stated that she was physically, sexually and verbally assualted and threatened with death, in what could only have been a 10-second time frame, by an elderly slow-moving widow in his 80's. The worker had been assessed by her psychologist to have a "permanent impairment" such that she could never return to work because of the PTSD. Based upon the psychological assessment, and declared permanent impairment, this claim was destined to max out and cost the Board and more importantly, employers in Ontario hundreds of thousands of dollars.

KayakingThis case tragically reveals how on so many levels it is easy for workers to feign and malinger claims relating to mental illness or traumatic mental stress. The tragedy of this story does not end here though. In another blog post, we will share how the local municipal police force came and attended the scene of this alleged workplace incident. The parties agreed to a "no trespass order" as the elderly gentleman seemed entirely harmless and somewhat confused. Later, after the worker filed an official complaint against the local police, they charged him criminally with assault and utter threat to cause death (to make her happy and silence her). They did not analyze the in-store surveillance nor interview witnesses all whom were seen on the video, including a female staff person who was on the other side of the wall the entire time this alleged incident took place. This saga continues and we will keep you posted. For now, I chaulk up another day of kayaking, which I give myself every time we win for employers. CC