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Cézanne Charlebois

Certified Specialist, Workplace Safety and Insurance Law

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Cézanne is a lawyer who practices almost exclusively in management-side workers’ compensation law. She is known for fighting tenaciously for her clients to obtain evidence-based decisions in a fairly adjudicated system that is funded by her clients. When she is going to an Appeal Hearing on your matter you and she will briefly become very close as she becomes consumed by the facts, law and policy in your claim. You cannot help but to be struck by the level of her creative, intensive and all-consuming fact gathering that precedes a Hearing. That is certainly her personality to go at things this way, but she credits her former employer Stephen Roberts who taught her well. After a successful win, she hopes that she has taught you well enough to not need her again for at least a few more years (but she will miss you).

Cézanne acts for employers throughout the province of Ontario in all areas of claims management, and conducts appeals under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act at the WSIB Appeals Branch and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal (WSIAT). She is known for taking on impossible, challenging, complex and even fatality claims and winning big for her clients. We are not sure if she has ever uttered the words “that’s impossible” yet? She will need consoling with lots of red wine when that happens.



Cézanne has been a member of the Bar of Ontario since 2006. In addition to her law degree from the University of Windsor, she also earned both Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Sociology from the same institution and has also obtained a certificate in criminology and criminal justice. Her sociology training and her legal expertise combine to produce a rare skill set that helps employers in the critical areas of prevention and risk reduction, especially in matters involving disabilities or injuries in the workplace.

Cézanne is a member in good standing of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association, the Middlesex Law Association and the Essex Law Association. She has also served as a probation and parole officer for the Ministry of Correctional Services and as a sessional instructor at her alma mater in law and society, criminology, and penology. Cézanne has been privileged to be appointed to be on the Ontario Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Section Executive Committee since 2012. That committee is comprised of the very best in workers’ compensation law in the Province with both worker and employer side representatives working collaboratively to make meaningful changes in the profession and the provincial workers’ compensation system.

Community Activity

Cézanne is passionately committed to giving back to the community. She has been an active volunteer in many capacities in both Windsor and London: she has volunteered for Earth Day and the Green Ribbon campaign, and she created a Street Smarts program to help children prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Cézanne contributes a portion of all revenue received from her training courses to a charitable cause.

Cézanne's goal is that one day, Charlebois Associates will maintain a thriving pro bono department that can provide greater access to clients who cannot afford to pay for the legal services they need.

Personal Information

Everyone who knows Cézanne well, knows her three sons (including their middle names). They are: Benjamin, Alan, and Jordon, whom she raised while completing her law degree. Because of her passion for continuous growth and change, she was in the unique position of attending University for her third (and hopefully final) University degree with her eldest son Jordon James who is now completing medical school. Alan Edward is a phenomenally talented musician who has produced two albums already. One is with a rock band called Vultures Playing Ruckus and the other, her favorite is a remarkable acoustic album called Laced (shameless plugs). Benjamin Robert is attending the University of Western Ontario in his fourth year of the Political Science program (see his bio under Associates). Now all these three amazing sons have to do in the future is produce a granddaughter (Holly do you hear me?).

Cézanne loves to socialize and enjoys an occasional drink of red wine (her friends are laughing). Perhaps the only thing she has not conquered is languages: despite her name, Cézanne admits to not being able to speak a word of the lovely French language!