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WSIB Paralegal

 headshot gloriaGloria has enjoyed a 36-year career in the field of workers' compensation. She spent her first 20 years in this area managing a team of claims adjudicators, claims training specialists, claims field investigators and receptionist counsellors for the WSIB. For the last 16 years, she has served as a consultant to employers in all aspects of workers' compensation. In 2008, Gloria was licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a paralegal.

Gloria is without a doubt the NEER expert of the team. She does complicated NEER projections which help us to assess the cost benefit analysis of choosing to go forward to appeals or choosing not to, because the financial gain would not be worth the effort. She also handles CAD-7 and MAP matters as well. She has helped both large corporations and small businesses with day-to-day workers' compensations issues, mediations, and early and safe return-to-work plans.


JORDON CHARLEBOIS, BA, B.Sc, MD Candidate (2016) 

First Aid Manager, Trainer, Medical Research

headshot jordon

Jordon takes the highest quality training available and provides it in a way that is individualized, intuitive, and importantly, fun. With over ten years of training experience across Ontario, Jordon has routinely made significant impacts on how people and organizations approach training.

As a medical student at the University of Western Ontario he delivers training to health care professionals involved in the YMCA’s English Language Transition Program. He also provides several charity courses including an annual course with the University of Windsor Nursing Society and a free pediatric-based course provided to the parents of children being treated in local hospitals.

Working with the Canadian Red Cross for ten years, Jordon has been the go-to trainer for hundreds of businesses in Southwestern Ontario from small community organizations to many of the largest companies operating in Canada. He is no stranger to the manufacturing industry having worked at several factories in Ontario prior to his career as an instructor. He has since taught at dozens of factories and was chosen to help Chrysler Canada bring their in-house instructors up to date.

Jordon has spent several years acting as Training Director for multiple organizations including the University of Windsor’s Emergency Response Team. During this period he and his colleagues were recognized on the international level after winning back-to-back EMS skills competitions against hundreds of other schools at the annual National Collegiate EMS Foundation conference.

Jordon’s courses create a learning environment that favours conversation and group participation over lecture and memorization. He works closely with attendees to cater each class to their unique experience, education, workplace and interests. Attendees often remark that the leave the class so enthused and confident that only later do they realize the great amount of skill and knowledge they have gained.


headshot jordonLegal Assistant


As a student at the University of Western Ontario, Ben is currently finishing his Honors Specialization in Political Science. Next, he plans to study law and join the family business as an advocate for employers. Ben is keenly interested in democracy and government.

Although he is quite young, he seems to have an almost natural grasp of adjudicative decision making and the organizational barriers that employers face in the WSIB system. This combined with his inherent passion for fairness makes a wonderful advocate for employers. When he gets involved in assisting with a client appeal, he simply lights up and lets his sharp intellect and insight loose with passion and excitement. Although his incessant feisty, challenging and witty “why not” thinking may have gotten him into trouble as a child, these traits are now perfectly channeled in the world of advocacy where we do not want “in the box thinkers”.

Ben is active in local non-profits and on his university campus. He has edited for and been published in Western's political science journal, the Social Contract, and studies public policy as a political analyst at Western's Leadership & Democracy Lab think-tank.

He has a special place in his heart for the local Epilepsy Support Centre where he has volunteered for years, and is a strong supporter of Relay for Life, the ALS Society and Iron Phi Foundation.